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Awesome Yummy Bliss Balls

Hope you enjoyed the sunny video I posted on how to make a tasty snack from what you have in your pantry. Instead of buying a processed, sugar loaded snack. It’s super easy and super fast! What I put in … Continue reading

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Awesome Ashild Makes Awesome Yummy Bliss Balls

This is how easy it is to make something tasty you can have as a little snack or afternoon tea, instead of buying something packed in sugar and additives. Check it out, I will post the ‘recipe’ later. Use whatever … Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Be A Foodie and A Fitnessaddict At The Same Time?

Yes! Although I don’t refer to myself as a Fitnessaddict, others have referred to me as that, plus similar things (such as crazy, obsessed, addicted). I love the feeling of being strong and the happiness the endorphins gives me after a … Continue reading

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Warming Quinoa Porridge and Warming Messages From You

Thank you so much to all of you who read my post yesterday ‘What Happens When Your Mother Tells You She Is Fat‘? and to all those who commented here and on Facebook. It is really such a difficult, yet … Continue reading

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How To Trick Your Kids Into Eating More Vegetables

You can actually use this trick on your husband or on yourself too. Hide the vegetables in meat dishes. It is nice and juicy and it tastes delicious and no one will be suspicious of the added greens (Caution, don’t leave your … Continue reading

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