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On This Day Of Love ~ Remember To Love Yourself First

How can you ask others to love you if you can’t? How can you love others if you can’t even love yourself? There is so much self hate and negativity in the world. And so many expectations and that is … Continue reading

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Wishing You All A Very Merry & Healthy Christmas!

December really is the busiest month of the year, but now Christmas is finally here and it’s time to relax, enjoy and spend time with your family and loved ones. Have an amazing day wherever you are in the world, … Continue reading

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Let The Wisdom Live On Forever

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I Love Food. Food That Others Are Scared Of.

I recently met this girl. She looks tired, she has dark shadows under her eyes. Her hair is falling out. Her limbs are in pain, she has aches and pains. Her stomach is often sore. Her skin is grey. She … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day With Beautiful People

Just a few pics from the lunch that ended up lasting until 9PM. Love those days I’m glad I at least went for an hour walk this morning, there was so much delicious food (as always) and so much sitting … Continue reading

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