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Harvest Box ~ A Better Snack

Do you sometimes sit at your desk at work, daydreaming about food and thinking ‘how great wouldn’t it be if I could just get a snack delivered to my desk?!’. Well, guess what, you can! As a part of the … Continue reading

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Recipe ~ Coconutty Crunchy Granola

I was trying to get rid of some nuts and seeds from the pantry on Saturday and the end result was way more tasty than I thought it would be. So I figured I should share the yumminess with you. … Continue reading

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Coconutty Crunchy Granola…

Hands up if you want the recipe for this bad boy: Best breakfast I’ve had aaaaaall day (haha). No seriously, it is super tasty. Nuts, seeds, coconut and a few other bits and pieces. Too easy. And yes, that is … Continue reading

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