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A Whisper Of Whiskers

    It is another sunny/rainy/windy/cloudy/beautiful/wet/cold/nice day in Melbourne. You know you’re in Melbourne when there’s 4 seasons in a day and you can get away with wearing thongs, shorts, wool jumper, sunnies, umbrella, scarf and a hat all in … Continue reading

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When Life Gets In The Way – Spend Your Time Wisely

You know that feeling when your To Do list just keeps getting longer and the days shorter? This usually happens about the same time as you feel really run down and are about to get sick and your social life … Continue reading

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Tuesday Is The New Monday…

…and orange is the new black. Or was it pink? Now I am not sure anymore (of course it’s pink, who am I kidding?!). Who has been out and about already and done their daily Something (all hands up ‘I … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Dogs And Cats In Melbourne Today

Here’s a few things that might make you smile 🙂 Oh, and by the time I did this blog, the sun is shining again! Welcome to Melbourne, we like to squeeze in all four seasons in one day. It’s more … Continue reading

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What Are You Scared Of? A Smile?

It never stops to fascinate me how people avoid looking at you when you meet on the street. No, not when you are walking in a busy crowd on your way to work at 8AM and you walk past a … Continue reading

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