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One Week Down ~ 21 Days To Break A Habit

Wohoo, well done on smashing your first week in No Sweets For Six Weeks. 7 days in (almost 8, since Monday is getting long already) into a 42 day challenge. You may have wondered why it is exactly six weeks … Continue reading

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Step Three ~ Stock Up Your Pantry

So you’ve joined the challenge, cleaned up your pantry and made an attack plan for any trigger times. Now it’s time to stock up the pantry so you are ready for Monday. If you have no idea what I am … Continue reading

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Step Two ~ Identify Your Triggers

You’re on board with the No Sweets For Six Weeks challenge and you have already cleaned out all your  sweet leftovers from the Silly Season. Now what? Usually we tend to eat sweets/savouries  or have a glass of wine at … Continue reading

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The First Step ~ Get Rid Of All Your Leftovers

Did you get a fair bit of chocolate or candy for Christmas? Did you also supply with buying a little bit extra for yourself? How much of that have you got left in your pantry right now? The first step … Continue reading

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Challenge ~ No Sweets For Six Weeks

Who overindulged a little over the Silly Season, hands up? Yes, I figured there would be a few of you out there. Well, Silly Season has been and gone, so has New Years with all the promises and resolutions. Most … Continue reading

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